Home from Houston -- long

Houston was, not surprisingly, wonderful. :D I had two terrific classes
(machine trapunto and curved piecing) from a fantastic teacher, and I
saw row after row of gorgeous quilts -- not to mention the ever-popular
vendors. ;)
One of the huge highlights of the trip, though, was meeting Bronnie in
person! We met for lunch one day and had a lovely visit. Unfortunately,
she was beginning to feel rather under the weather, but she's a
delightful person, both online and in real life. Some of you may recall
that she showed us photos of some amazing small quilts she'd done in
indigenous fabrics -- one of a kookaburra and the other of an adorable
koala. That koala is now living with *me*! :O I was, to say the least,
flabbergasted at this wonderful, generous gift -- one I treasure.
Bronnie is due to fly home this evening, and I'm sure she'll be glad to
see her own bed after a month in strange ones. ;)
I had a time packing to come home, since one of my purchases was a
king-sized batting. It was a challenge to get it into the suitcase,
as you might imagine. However, I was successful and didn't even have to
abandon my clothes to do so. ;) Other than the batting, I also bought a
pattern for a dog bed (adorable!) and a pattern and some wool for
another scissors case and matching needle book. Oh, and there was a new
type of quilting stencil, so I bought one of those to try out, though I
don't normally use many stencils. I also bought a little yarn to use for
an online lace knitting class, so all of that and finishing my class
projects will keep me busy for a while. :)
Coming home was interesting. I flew from Houston to Oklahoma City, where
I didn't even have to get off the plane -- though I'm still curious
about going that direction to get home -- before taking off again for
Las Vegas. There were three of us who stayed on the plane. We landed
here in LV at around 7:45PM and went to get luggage. Uh-oh. Here came
the rep from airline to say that seven bags had been left behind in OKC.
Surely that couldn't have been mine, since I didn't change planes,
right? But DH and I looked at each other and both said mine was
certainly one of the affected ones -- I've lost luggage so many times
that it's sort of a family joke. We were right, too; my suitcase wasn't
on my flight. All's well that ends well, though; my suitcase was
delivered to my door the next morning -- at *3AM*! Needless to say,
being up most of the night waiting for the thing to arrive meant that I
was a walking zombie most of yesterday. It was worth it. :)
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Hey Sandy
Glad you had a wonderfull time in Houston. Next time you go to a quilt show out of town and buy goodies, why not stop off at a store that sells boxes and put all your goodies in that then mail it home. I hate to fly now but if I have to lets say go visit relatives, I call them and tell them to expect a large package for me. I mail my suitcase instead of taking it with me on a plane. Saves a lot of energy chasing it down and a lot of money for putting it on the plane. The only thing I take with me on the plane is a small flight bag.
Kate T. South Mississippi
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Kate T.

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