How do you guys remove chalk marks from quilts?

Hi, I'm currently finishing up 4 quilts that have been hanging around
for a while (guilt over starting new projects finally got to me) and was
wondering what the best way is of getting my chalk pencil quilting marks
off of the back of my quilt (preferably without putting it through the
washing machine).
Previously I have washed them, but this alters the look and I'd like to
avoid that for a while if possible...any handy tips?
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Jo Pender
No idea, short of whacking them a few times with a rug beater. Or maybe you could just vacuum them? I'm the wrong person to ask -all mine go straight into the washer as soon as they're done. (I like the look. And if they are gifts, the recipient shouldn't be afraid to launder. And I'd hate to use them or put them away without a thorough cleansing first!) Roberta in D
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A lot would depend on the chalk used. I do use chalk some - and all I've ever needed to remove it has been to wad up a hunk of whatever scrap fabric is handy and give the marks a sort of rub-a-dub. If that fails, a very soft brush should do it. You really don't want to use something seriously abrasive. Polly
"Roberta" No idea, short of whacking them a few times with a rug beater. Or
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Polly Esther
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Ditto here. I know there are lots of people who don't wash quilts -- maybe *never* wash one that's to be a wall hanging -- but I can't get my mind around that. I prewash my fabrics and batting, so I don't end up with a hugely "crinkled" look, but I do wash.
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Thanks all, I guess I'll go back to washing before gifting them. I have a long shift of binding ahead of me first.
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Jo Pender
Yep, that's how I'd do it.
Btw, Jo: Thank you!
On 8/22/09 8:19 AM, in article, "Polly
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Sandy E

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