Chalk Inks????

what is the difference between chalk inks and regular dye inks? i seen a
show the other day she used chalk inks and it looks the same..does
anyone use them please give me your info on this..
is it worth using?
chatty cathy
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chatty cathy
I have some chalk inks and mine look like they've been chalked. Kind of powdery looking. They also need to be heat set where other inks don't.
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King's Crown
I have several chalk ink pads from VersaMagic and love using them on dark paper as well as light. Here's what is says on the back of the ink pad: Opaque pigment ink gives a permanent powder finish, even on dark papers. Perfect for all or your decorating needs! Use VersaMagic on wood, fabric, leather, metal and more. Dries on all types of paper. Drying time varies. Embossing optional. Color fast, light fast, acid free and archival. Impressions do not migrate and intricate details remain crisp.
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