HUG Post from Jeri Jo

I'm forwarding a message (and will also be sending a notice out via the Hug
List)... But Jeri has asked that we share her message here. So here it
is... thanks. Kate in MI
This is the toughest post I?ve ever had to write. As you know, our friend
Tigg [Linda King] VERY recently lost her Dad. She has since moved in with
her mom. She said her greatest support was her best friend, whom she called
Sissy. Sissy died last night while staying with Tigg and her mom.
Tigg has been through so much, and now this. Plus, she couldn?t watch when
the EMTs took her dear friend out, and unknowing to Tigg, they wrapped Sissy
in what Tigg lovingly calls her ?HUGgles Quilt?. So, Cindy Thornhill Schmidt
and I believe a new HUG is more than in order.
We let Tigg know of our plan. She needs us.
"Now I'm bawling all over again. You guys mean so
much to me. I like blues, Sissy loved purple. Anything bright and cheerful.
I'm hoping I get mine back but not sure I'd be able to use it on the bed as
I have in the past."
First, we need someone to piece it, and someone to quilt it. Once we know
that, we will post the details. Cindy has volunteered to deliver it.
If you want to get a head start we're asking for 6 1/2" blocks in blues,
purples, brights.
Thank you everyone. Could someone please post this to the original ng?
For those who aren?t familiar with HUGs:
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