Kenmore Needles

A friend asked about needles for her older 1960's Kenmore sewing machine
that she got after her sister had passed over. It has been awhile since I
had a Kenmore and used the cams. Which needles do you use for the
embroidery stitches? Thank you!
Barbara in FL
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Bobbie Sews More
Barbara, it looks like everybody else is thawing a turkey or hunting Grandma's recipe for pumpkin pie so I'll answer just to keep you company. You know, Kenmore = Sears and Sears does not make sewing machines. I have just no idea whether Singer made the 1960 model sm for Sears. Could have been another sm brand, maybe a White or Necchi. (sp?) It could be that you could Google around and find the answers or just hold tight until adult supervision arrives here. Polly
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Polly Esther
Googled and found this.
formatting link

I couldn't look further since the site was temporarily down for updates.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
I purchased a new Kenmore a couple of years ago from Sears and got an extra pack of needles while I was there. Have since gone through all of them and went back to get some more. Ummmmm, they don't carry them anymore. Was told that I could use the generic ones. Not sure if you can get them online or not. I was in an immediate hurry for them and didn't have a chance at the time to look.
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Cindy from GA but wants to be
I have a couple of Kenmore machines. They are made by Janome and if you can't get Kenmore brand needles then Schmetz needles work just fine.
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I used to collect sewing machines and had several vintage 1950s and 1960s Kenmores. At that time, Sears was importing most of their machines from Germany and Japan, and they all used the ordinary sewing machine needles you can get at any sewing store or Walmart. If the model number, on a plate under the front of the machine, starts with 117, 148 or 158, it's probably a standard 15-class type. This type of needle is called by a number of designations, including 15x1, 705 and HAx1, among others. HTH.
Maria in Not-so NE PA
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Maria O

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