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I mentioned a local group challenge in a post a few days ago. I was
goikng to describe it. Ginger slightly misunderstood and said that she
would welcome a challenge. So, I thought I would describe it anyway,
and see if there was any interest. I will simplify the'design' (leave
it to you) but keep the bare bones. There will be absolutely no dented
feelings here if no-one is interested, but it will be fun to see any
I had designed a quilt which some members of our Committee thought would
make a good month by month challenge for our local group. I then
designed about 40 blocks and prepared the whole thing. I think the
original idea might be somewhat difficult to do online; but perhaps the
essential elements would make an interesting theme.
Here goes then:
The design is based on four different sized and shaped blocks:
4" square, 8" square, 4" x 8" rectangle, 8" x 12" rectangle.
My blocks were all different, but perhaps for these purposes they should
all be the same, with the rectangular blocks being the basic squares
stretched (that is very easy to do with many blocks).
Say, for instance, a Square in a Square block - either square on or on
point. That is a very easy block to do in any size and any shape.
The design could also be made with 5" base - or 6" I suppose? might be a
bit big for the large rectangle?
I don't have an easy way to show pictures, at the moment, so you will
have to play about with the positioning. Eventually, in the autumn, I
will learn how to put things onto my website when I want to. I have the
instructions, but haven't yet had time to work out how to do it.
That had better be it for now. I hope it will arrive.
Pat on the green
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Pat on the Green
Are you saying Pat, that the forty blocks would all be Square in a Square, or is that just the first block?
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Congratulations, Pat! So glad you 'got through' here. Just myself, but I can't handle another challenge. Keeping Mr. Esther from climbing on the roof to clean the chimney is challenge enough. And: keeping Yogi from patting toads to see if they'll jump. And: getting all the gators back from the highway where they want to amuse the tourists and bring them home for dinner. Y'all just carry on and I'll be the cheering team. Polly
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Polly Esther

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