Mothers day is over

My DS &DDI gave me a gift certificate from a new LQS for Mothers day. I
finally had time to spend it. I chose lots of I Spy fabrics. My Dr.& his DW
leave Fri. for Russia. They have adopted a 10 mo.boy &11 Mo. old girl. I
want to make each of them an I Spy quilt. The only English they have heard
was in Apr. when they were at the orphanage. I think the I Spy will help
them. They really are too young to talk much in any language. I have the
alphabet paper pieced from Carol Doaks book. I'm not trying to match an
object to each letter but wanted the alphabet an numbers from 1 to 10 in the
quilt.It feels like a fun project. Wanda from T-Town
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Wanda, that is so neat they are adopting 2 children at the same time. A young family from our church adopted from Russia also, they now have 2 precious little girls, adopted one year apart. It cost them a very large amount of money, and a long involved trip to get them, but is is so worth it!! They are all so happy and have adapted so well. I had made each girl a quilt, but never thought to do I Spy, I just made bright fun quilts for each girl. Your I Spy idea is really neat. Marilyn in Moravia.
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Wanda, Good luck on your quilts! My brother and his wife adopted two children from Russia about four years ago (they were 2-1/2 and 17 months at the time). They had very little problem adapting to English. My niece (the older one) had more difficulty, simply because she was already talking, but my nephew had no problem at all. Actually, it took him a while to start talking -- I guess he just had to wait until he had something worth saying, because he hasn't stopped since!
The idea of I Spy quilts is a great one. They'll remember playing on them for years to come.
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The Nielands
The quilts sound lovely, Wanda; and what a nice idea of yours to do them for the babies. I hope you have fun making them up. They're going to look great. . In article , Wanda writes
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