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The club I belong to organizes great outings. A bunch of us went to an
amazing little place yesterday, a guy who makes "passements", the
fancy tassels, swags, braids, cords etc. Used on curtain tiebacks,
royal coaches, military uniforms, chandelier hangers, or anyplace else
you might think needs glamour.
Well, I had no idea! He has an enormous stash of splendid threads in
silk, cotton, wool, gold and silver wire, and synthetics for customers
who don't know better. All possible colors! Over-stimulated! I could
hardly fall asleep last night for thinking about it. He makes
everything by hand including the ropes and braids, and the techniques
have not changed since the past 2000 years :-) Here's his site:
formatting link
So if you have a stately home, send him a fabric swatch and get perfectly matched curtain fittings that will make you swoon right onto your fainting couch. (We can dream, right?) Roberta in D
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Howdy! Ummmm: delicious! I'd like one of each of those royal-colored tassels; just scrumptious.
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Sandy E
The really jaw-dropping moment of the tour was when one of the ladies who had just finished a tassel held it over a steaming teakettle, fluffed it a bit, then combed it. then she measured how long it was supposed to be, held it up at eye level, and gave it a trim. Just like a hairdresser! And hung it up next to a half dozen finished ones, all absolutely identical. That's a pro at work! Took her about a minute to do that. Wish my hair looked that good. Roberta in D

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