Part of why I have been AWOL recently!

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But wouldn't it look cute quilted? LOL
I love it!
>It's pieced. It ain't exactly patchwork!
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How big are they, Kate? It's hard to tell from the photos. Cute, though! :)
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The bigger one, with the gold bottom half, is about 24" high. The blue one is about 18" high.
They are cute, aren't they! I hope they lead to more balloon orders! :D
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Hehehehe! I'd hate to try to quilt this stuff! Slippery as Teflon coated olive oil!
I rather liked them too. :D
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It was! but there was blood (I cut my finger cutting the stencils!), sweat (when I thought things wouldn't work!) and swearing (when the paint went wrong and I had to start a balloon from scratch!)
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