Plz help - can't bobbin wind my new Singer XL

Hello, I'm in a jam and I'm sure I must just be missing something since
I've never used an embroidery machine before. I just got a new Singer
XL 6000 and I've used the sewing machine part just fine, but now I want
to try to embroider, I've got the base on fine and I see the embroidery
jazz on the computer screen, but when I try to fill an empty bobbin
(special) with thread via the lower continuous winding mechanism, the
machine keeps telling me there is no thread on the spool. But it's
brand new 90 bobbin thread, I don't know what to do, I can't do
anything until I figure this out, please help! Thank you ahead of
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Gina Miller
Can't help, Gina, but you might try asking over at rec.crafts.textiles.sewing. Very nice folks over there and just maybe more embroiderers. Polly
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Polly Esther
t'werent me, t'were Ms Polly, clever lady, who told her that. :) hmmm, the ) has a wee dot right in the middle of it, makes its use as a mouth different from what i'm used to. :)) hugz, jeanne
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Thanks for your reply. I did figure out what went wrong. There is a small metal area in the spare bobbin thread area and I had read the manual and watched the movie but it wasn't clear enough for me to see that not only was my thread supposed to go behind it and up but that it also needed to go in between two metal parts! I figiured it out only by trying to do it wrong! Silly isn't it! I seem to be okay now although I tend to still have tension issues and the automatic threaders also don't seem to always thread completely wen I am switching colors during embroidery, but last night I did complete a two color flower, which I was pretty excited about! Thank you so much!
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Gina Miller

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