Quilt blocks by Tracey Sims

Hi all,
If you like unusual quilt blocks, have a look at
formatting link

Although there are not many, some of them are just lovely and would make
great gifts.
I am not associated with this company, just an admirer of the work.
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I seem to get that a lot with google groups. Sometimes google groups seems to preface a link with
formatting link
and I've found that if you delete that from the address, the site will come up just fine. Check the link address window on the "not found" site and see if that isn't the problem.
Diana - PA
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Diana - WOW! Thanks for the "clue" about the "
formatting link
- I deleted that part and got directly to the page! THANKS! Lesson learned - always look and see exactly what the address SHOULD be! (My motto: Learn something new every day!) ME-Judy
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