sewing machine videos

Found a link to this site on another newsgroup and thought it a good one
to pass along:
or (long form)
formatting link

There are a bunch of video clips of different sewing machine feet in
action. I'm not sure what brand of machine they are using but the feet
should be similar enough for everyone and it's kind of neat to see what
is possible.
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Oh, My gosh!!! They showed my Janome 6600P sewing thru a Pepsi can, cardboard and other horrible stuff. I know it is capable of sewing thru anything but really!!
Marsha in nw, OH
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Thank you! I recognize the IDT from Pfaff -- that's what I have. The videos are nice for me since I sometimes forget how to use the feet. Also a good reminder of what I have and how I could use the feet more often.
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Kay Ahr

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