Shoes Update: OT/OT

Welllllllllllll, it's GN/BN from the Ortho Surgeon yesterday: Good news: I
don't have to go back for 3 months AND he 'approved' the way the shoes
fit/work for me, then the BN: do not plan on using your feet on the SM foot
pedal....your feet won't handle it, and finally, I still should not drive
until I see him again as I need to get use to them. (They do have steel
shanks in them) So all in all, it wasn't a bad appt. I left the Building
with a big GRIN on my face this time :)
Today, I get my new glasses and will 'try' out contacts for a week to see if
I might be able to wear them once again. I would need reading glasses but I
can handle that. I just hope the contacts work as I did wear them (hard
contacts never tried soft) in the late 70's for a good 10 yrs. IF tehy work
then I should be able to decipher color hues better (navy and black are
undistinguishable right now) and get a 'straighter' seam. Now THAT would be
good :)
Can't WAIT to get back to the SM.....almost there....almost. Didn't before
as I had had a diff kind of "set back". I keep hoping my 60's will be
better than my 40's and 50's were.....
Butterfly (Still GRIINNING)
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Good for you, B'fly. Doing what you have been told seems to have worked/be working for you. Maybe I'll try it sometime? >gg< . In message , Butterfly-Wings writes
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Pat S
Glad to hear there was so much more good news! You're on your way :-)
You just need one of those older sewing machines with the knee lever to make it go. Then your feet would stay safely in their new shoes flat on the floor.
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Marcella Peek
On May 17, 1:29=A0pm, "Butterfly-Wings" wrote:
Congrats on getting the good news. Glad to hear you are doing so well.
Debbi in SO CA
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Debbi in SO CA

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