Simple projects

Since there has been a request, or more on occasion for some simple
projects here is one.
(Pics of one can be found at my webshots, album: Sewing accessories.
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To make this first take a sheet of paper and make a square. I used a
sheet of computer paper, folded on the diagonal through one corner and
cut off the excess.
Fold on the other diagonal in the opposite direction. (one fold should
be "right sides together" and one should be "wrong sides together".)
Then open and fold in quarters through the sides, one side at a time, so
that all the folds are in the same direction.
Now is the tricky part. you need to fold the paper into quarters, but
with those "wrong way" diagonal folds to the inside of the square.
You will end up with 4 layers, but the middle two layers will fold back
on themselves and the folds will meet at the center.
Another way to see this would be to start to fold the "wrong way" fold
backwards, but only hold the top edges together at the center. Then fold
the corners in on the folds as they are folded. It makes sense when you
do it.
You then need to mark a "heart" shape at the open edge. cutting through
all layers at the outside corners, but leaving the bottom layer for a
tab at the top middle corner. Draw a nice tab shape about 1 1/4"-1 1/2"
long and about 1" wide.
Use this pattern to mark a square of fabric. layer with a square of
tight batting or felt. Stitch on the drawn line, and on the lines
marking the folds.
Trim around the outside with pinking shears through all layers.Press
folds. Add a snap to the tab and front of the needle case.
Simple and useful.
Another simple project is a scissor sheath.
Cut 2 squares of fabric, plus batting if desired. Layer fabric right
sides together, with batting on bottom. Sew most of the way around the
square, leaving an opening for turning.
Trim corners, and turn through the opening, making sure batting, if
used, is between the fabrics. (Reach between the fabric layers to turn.)
Press well. If large add a bit of quilting. Then fold into thirds from a
corner, with the opening on the outside edge. (You will be making a sort
of cone.) Set the square on point, with the opening on the bottom right
side. Fold the left corner over,then the right corner over that. Pin in
Stitch from the bottom corner to the corner that is now on top of the
left side. (From one corner to the next.) You will be catching the
opening in this stitching. If by machine you can stitch all the way
through the layers, if by hand you can stitch just the edges through to
the batting of the next layer, or all the way through. (Note: I like to
add a bit more batting at the point, and stitch through to hold it in
place. helps protect the point of my scissors a bit more.) You may need
to add a couple of stitches at the top, depending on the size of your
Size: cut the squares the so that the diagonal of the finished square is
roughly the length of your scissors up to the handles or part way up the
handles. 5" squares are great for most 8" scissors. 3" squares will work
for many smaller scissors.
Have fun.
Pati,in Phx
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