Singer machine at Vermont Country Store

Does anyone know anything about this machine?
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(or go to
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and search for "sewingmachine").
I don't want to buy it (I have three Singers, ranging in age from 55
to 100 years). I'm just curious to know about a "professional" s.m.,
and for what market Singer makes these (other than the Vermont Country
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Looks like a "special" cheapie from Singer:
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Lots of plastic, Model HD110 comes w/ the extension table. Reviews:
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On 10/27/08 1:17 PM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
All reports I've heard say it's a sheep in wolf's clothing. It's supposed to rival the Bernina 950 commercial machine. It doesn't come close to the domestic 1008... As it's half the price of the Bernina 1008, you can bet it's half the quality.
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