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I am working on Carol Doak's Block of the Month, available through her
Yahoo group. May, June and July are posted here:
formatting link

(along with the wedding quilt from hell made for my sweet niece and
her new husband). The problem with that quilt was tension! I had
tension problems and continued to machine quilt (a huge mistake, did
you notice that thing is queen sized?). After I got the machine
serviced, ripped out all the offending quilting and put it back in
nicely, then I felt a bit better about the project.
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Mary in Rock Island IL
Pretty quilt -you did the right thing. Congratulations on overcoming the frustration! I like your BOM color choices, and love the Jacob's Ladder setting. Roberta in D
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In article ,
Very nice, Mary! I've been watching the posted photos for that BOM, and I really like your fabric choices. :)
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Sandy Foster

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