The Lots of Blocks Quilt

This quilt is taken from Quick Quilts magazine Augues/September 2015.
It is a simple quilt(really needed this after Bear Mountain) using two blo
cks. One is a square print with different colored sashing around it, then
the 2nd square is 4 colored sections with white sashing all around 4 square
s but leaving the top and bottom because that sashing is done when quilt ro
ws are sewn together. The style is modern and can be make with scraps and
any size needed. Start your rows with the one piece block, then reverse it
with the 4 section block on second row. The white sashing seperating the s
quares is 1 1/2 inches wide. When you get to the outer border they used 2
1/2 inch sashing. It makes a colorful quilt and quick. I think they shoul
d of called it lots of sashing quilt. Hope I have explained this in such a
way so you all can make this quilt.
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