Trying again

having trouble sending today. Am I here? Hello hello hhheeeeeeellllllooooooo
Butterfly (keeps saying my LINES are too long/)
You are seen in HOT SC!
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Bobbie Sews More
Try rebooting your computer as this might help. Mine also goes all over the place doing weird things and I just pull the plug, then plug it in again and it reboots the darn thing. Sandy$ in Idaho
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Howdy! Me, too, trying again to send you an e', Butterfly. Following the instructions, placing a DASH between your first name & Wings, my 3 attempts have failed. Miss you! Ragmop/Sandy p.s quilting away in sickeningly sunny north Texas
On 6/23/14 9:14 PM, in article loamv0$u74$,
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Sandy E
If you mean you have tried a 'hyphen dash' Ragmop, I think the dash in Butterfly's addy is an underline dash. I hope it is right, but I am writing from memory >g< ...
Pat on the green .
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pat on the green
Tis a regular hyphen y-W Compie is NOW in an entirely NEW location .8 miles from where it was the end of June. Same town only a smaller less $ rental and a MUCH nicer landlord. See if this works (also sending to Ginger in case it doesn't show up-at least I can e her :) )
Butterfly - Wings @ q dot com is still the same
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