Update: Letter from Fons & Porter

For all the complaining I did a week ago, thought I'd share the
I got from F&P regarding the stuck-together rotary blades. I have no
idea the
reason behind the change of heart. (Do they read this group? )
Funny though, that a week ago their stand was pretty much "Slide the
apart. And read the packaging to find out how to put the darn things
in your
rotary cutter, since you must be some kind of idiot."
Anyway, to be fair to F&P, thought I'd update. Here's the response I
got today.
"As we were rethinking this in our office we considered that your
might have purchased a product that was not up to our standards of
quality. We have a manufacturer that tests our products but this may
have slipped though the quality control. We certainly do apologize as
we try to always consider the consumer when we develop any of our
products. If you purchased this product from us we will be happy to
send you a replacement or if you purchased this from JoAnn's Fabrics
we have attached an e-mail link to our Prym distributer, Pauma Deaton
and she is wonderful to work with. snipped-for-privacy@prym-consumer-usa.com.
They will be happy to replace these for you. "
"If you purchased this from us please contact our Customer Service
Department by e-mail or phone 1-888-985-1020 and let us know if this
was a Olfa product or a Fons and Porter product. We will be happy to
help you. "
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So glad you posted their response. Sometimes businesses need a knock upside the head to remind them who their customers are and what it takes to stay in business. I'd bet dollars to donuts they heard about these news messages and had a re-think in their position. Good for them. . . . better for their customers.
KT in MI
"Sherry" wrote in message
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KT in Mich
We just can't even imagine who all reads this group - I'd guess there could be a couple of thousand maybe. That's why you never see a picture of me. I just can't be bothered with jealous wives, you know? Polly
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Polly Esther
Well now, finally some decent customer support! Thank you for posting this and restoring my faith in that company. Donna
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Excellent. And to make amends. That's a thumbs up from me. Anyone can get things wrong, but to admit it, that's rare, and encouraging.
I've just had excellent Customer service from HP. The upshot will be me offline for a week, maybe, whilst they fix my laptiop, but they even extended my Warranty until I was out of hospital and able to deal with them. I pass it on.
And I shall now consider F&P, too.
Nel (GQ)
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