Corner punch that will cut paper or laminated cards

I'm looking for a corner rounder punch that is strong enough to also
round corners of a business card (or medicare card) laminated in
plastic (one card at a time is fine). I have a 1/4" radius punch that
is strong enough to do the job but makes corners that are too large for
business cards size, 1/4" radius. For this size, a 1/8" (3 mm) radius
round is more appropriate. I can't find one for less than $50. Anyone
know of something that would do the job for me?
Thanks in advance.
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Try checking out some of the Fiskars sissors. I know they have one called a corner rounder. If that is too large, of a cut, then look at the designs of some of the edge cutters. There may be one that, if you used only one segment of it, would have the right size of an arc. Usually those sissors can be purchased for just a few dollars at a craft store or even Walmart.
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