Good Morning!

Well, I figured I'd best get involved if I want to play with y'all in
some swaps :D Not that I don't read what's happening, but December was
so busy here and this weekend is the last of our big events.... I can
actually start posting regularly! :D
CG is in Switzerland this weekend with the Boy Scouts doing the
Klondike Derby (I sent a disposable camera with him of course!) and
hopefully this morning getting ready for his first attempt at SKIING!
In the Alps NO LESS! I wish it were me LOL
This past week I had one of our wives over to scrap and stamp. She
brouight her two youngins and the kids played pretty well together!
Every two weeks is the plan. Last night I had two other wives over for
dinner. Their Dhs are deployed and between them there are 6 kids. We
had a ball for dinner! WE're hoping to do it again soon as one DH
returns next month. I told them next time my DH would be a great help
with the kids :D
I've been slowly working on a blank album for a friend's baby due in
march. I get to play with GIRLY things! LOL Hope to finish it up in the
next month sometime to send back to the states.
I got reservations for the boys and I to go somewhere for Christmas
this coming December. We are going to the military resort in Garmisch
Germany for 6 days. Reminding myself I have GOT to call back over about
day care/ski school options for that week... you have to book it but no
one said that to me until I had made the reservations for a room days
before. Oh the fuN!
Hope y'all are working like fiends on something fun and new. HOpefully
I can truly keep up and finish getting caught up this week! :)
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Susan, you sound busy like a bee! Those phodies of your DS skiing will be awesome to scrap! How exciting for him!
Judy, SA
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Judy SA
Wow Susan, lots going on for you :) I agree with Judy, the pics will be fun to scrap... especially if he is there with you telling you all about everything while you're journelling! As for keeping busy, well I'm working on my ATC's for the swap (hoping they are ok, am so nervous they are gonna be all wrong)... hehehe, but keeping busy nonetheless. Thanks for checking in, luv
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Susan ,sounds as if you are getting busy and settled in there. Nice to have other wives and kids to play with ! I think you are taking full advantage of your overseas adventures. What fond memories you will have to bring back with you and you will have the albums to show ,too!
Hugs, Sabrina
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Gross gute Susan!!!
How I miss the winter time over there!! It is so busy and LOTS of things to see and do.
The main thing I miss about being in the military is the honest to goodness camaraderie, especially overseas. I am so happy to see that you are involving OTHERS in your addiction - LOL!!
Holler sometime if you need some more paper.
OKC Dave
Check out my pix and crafts!
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OKC Dave
Hi Susan,
Sounds like you are busy. I hope CG has a great time on his trip. I hope all works out for your trip.
Teresa in MD
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There you are! I wondered where you ran off to, but of course, the holidays do get crazy. Sounds like you've really been keeping busy. How did CG like Switzerland and skiing?
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Deb in AR
It's good to hear from you and see that you are both keeping busy and making like minded friends over in Germany. I am sure that it is making it a little easier on you being away from home.
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