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Welcome Kathyy, I'm Kathy also I've only been in this group a couple of weeks.so people might get us mixed up.We need to find a way people can tell us apart. OK ? lol, Kathy L
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Kathy Lincoln
Welcome Kathyy. I am also a newbie, and I can't believe the welcome that I have received. These "gals" are great. The best part is they have really motivated me to get more done. DH isn't very excited when I get pages done. So it was a huge motivation to be able to share my pages when I get done. Verrrrrrryyyyy supportive. Soni in NV (or Sonja)
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Hi Kathyy! I notice those two y's, you're from TT right? :-) The gals here are absolutely wonderful. A second family, very supportive, and we share everything!!
Enjoy your stay!
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Parrothead Jenn

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