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Hello, friends -
I haven't been around in a long while, and thought I'd pop in and say
hello. I'm telling you, full-time work really gets in the way of
stitching time! But I keep at it (the stitching, that is), just much
more slowly.
I've made myself a promise to finish WIPs before undertaking any major
new pieces, and am proud that I finally finished Emie Bishop's "The
Garden," which took several years of non-continuous stitching. I posted
a photo on r.c.t.n.p in "Sue's folder". And Joan encouraged me to stop
in and say hello after a long absence.
Just at the moment I'm working on some little bookmarks - using up
scraps of fabric by hemstitching around and cross stitching a little
something on it - and completing another WIP, a Nutmeg company Christmas
cottage 3-D ornament. I did one two years ago that got first place in
the state fair and I started this one at the same time, then didn't look
at it again until two weeks ago. This week I've been cleaning out and
rearranging the TV room where I have a lot of stash just piled around;
in the coming week I'll be organizing it and choosing which WIP to
tackle next. DH and I are getting to the "we REALLY have to think about
downsizing" stage, so I have to get a handle on my stitching addiction!
Happy to see a bunch of familiar names still posting!
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Susan Hartman
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Good to see you Sue. It is always nice to get pieces finished. I need to do the framing on a lot of stitched pieces and I have enough stash for 10 people to be able to stitch in a lifetime. Hope you stay around. Sharon in MN
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I agree! If we didn't need the money to supply our fixes, life would be much better! :)
Glad you did! We'll be watching for the announcements of more finishes...
A belated congrats!!!
That doesn't sound fun *at all*!!!
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Joan Erickson

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