Help me help my wife

My wife is very into the scrapbooking thing and has asked me to develop a
website for her... I have the foundation down for her along with some
content... but I sure feel that I could offer more on it for the visitors.
Seeing that I am in the company of some very avid scrapbookers.... I'd
really appreciate it if some of you might take a minute to look at the
website... and offer me feedback on what type of things would make the site
great! This is geared towards local people to essentially have an online
community to share their similar interests that also would have the ability
to provide information and incentive to participate towards people outside
the local area that happen to visit there as well.
Please understand that I am not advertising the site to you... as you will
see when you visit... the content variety is very limited... I just would
truly value everyone's opinion... so here is the website:
formatting link

Looking forward to your suggestions!
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My first comment is that you might find that there's a glut of scrapbooking sites and bulletinboards already out there. It's very hard to get a new forum up and running, and harder than it looks to keep it running smoothly! Also, it's not very visually interesting ATM - scrapbookers are visual people so I'd add colour and make the site look more appealing. You really need to include a gallery of some kind or a way to show off scrapbook pages or examples. And I don't know if people are required to type in the 'security code' every time they do something but it's a major minus in usability - it would drive me nuts in a few days if it's for more than the initial registration! Good luck...
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Karen AKA Kajikit

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