scraprack does anyone have it?

I have been interested in this product for forever and was wondering if
anyone has one/uses one?
Has anyone ever seen it in person?
I am looking to reorganize my stickers/diecuts and embellishments. I will be
categorizing them by theme but cannot find the most neat/condensed form of
organizing. I have found a couple of Cropper hopper boxes with dividers that
may work!>!>!>
Dorothy in ny
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I googled it on eBay and Larry asked "what's wrong honey." I said "nothing but they are enabling me again, temping me with the forbin apple." He came over and said "think Christmas."
It looks great.
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I took a free class at the Scrapbook expo a couple years ago ... that was ALL about the Scraprack and how to use it. I wanted one so badly, but the price at the time stopped me. I had kind of forgotten about it. Thanks Dorothy!! :P
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King's Crown
I purchased the instructions for a D.I.Y. version of a scrap organizer from an ebay seller. If you are handy you can create something similar inexpensively. So far I have not made one but I kept the instructions and I will one day attempt it :) I searched and can't seem to find the seller now :( Marilyn
about the Scraprack
me. I had kind of
has one/uses one?
categorizing them by
found a couple of
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I have a scraprack. I used it alot when I first got it, but I don't have the desk space for it in my much smaller scraproom/office. Well truth is that I had to find another way of storing things as I have so much stuff, LOL! It is currently in a box somewhere and I do plan on hunting it out and ebaying it as it is silly to hang on to it at this point since I'm not likely to go back to it now that I have my other systems in place.
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