Craft-Lite Cutter does anyone have it?

Wondering if anyone has or has used the Craft-Lite Cutter? I have seen it on
infomercials and on HSN but not sure about its investment??
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I have seen it too, and I was wondering about it myself. I was also thinking..will that light show through darker colors, and heavier quality cardstocks?
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Linda C
i bought it a while back. the blades aren't really distinct enough to see change in the way they cut. I had to push kinda hard to get them to cut. I have all 9-10 blades. I haven't used the light in it yet. it is sitting onthe shelf at the moment.
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I got one as a gift - and I do like it. It's easier than my older cutting system. The light is nice, but the straight edge isn't always straight. However, with some getting used to, I've gotten pretty good on it.
I really like the fold score blade, and the other cuts better than the straight - they seem to work a bit better.
But the light - that's really nice to have!
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