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ENABLER ALERT!!!! Maya Road Ribbon (also SS hint!)
OMG!!! I saw some of this stuff on one of my many shopping trips last month and it is absolutely fabulous gorgeous to die for!!! My absolute favorite is the cites line or something like that. Anyhow...
13 years ago 6
Help requested
Hi everyone, I have recently been researching my family history with a view to doing a scrapbook/s to leave for my kids/grandkids. My main problem is, I don't have any photos and I just wondered if...
13 years ago 14
Latest RCS 2006 Member List now up.
The new file seems to be up now, at least it is on my server. Please take another look and let me know if there are still things that need fixing. Once we get this one all sewed up, I'll be sending...
13 years ago 14
Merry EBAY!! Happy EBAY!! (April's fault!)
I am so ebay, happy ebay, woo ebay hoo bay!! Oh do you know where I have been, EBAY!! I have been so tempted, frustrated, tempted, shopped, tempted, aaarrrggghhh!!! I just hate this OTHER addiction...
13 years ago 3
Shaker Box Card is done
Thanks to everyone who posted to my inquiry about how to do it. I broke down and tried to do it. This card is the practice run: Kate Kate!! As WE know you are so talented!! It is beautiful!! Is both...
13 years ago 1
Pages, Albums, Cards and Photos
All the work everyone has done is wonderful. I've looked at everyone I promise. The photos were great to see too. Thanks. Teresa in MD SHUCKS!!! Read the headline of the post and thought YOU were...
13 years ago 2
Back Once More
Sorry I had to take another block of time away. Two of my cousins were diagnosed with cancer to add to the rest of this year. One had to have a lung removed and still has more cancer to fight, the...
13 years ago 6
I also got a cute e-card from my Secret Santa
Thank you very much to my Secret Santa - it made my day! Klara
13 years ago
Got a Cute Card from SS
I received a very cute card from a SS. Although, right now it is difficult for me to participate in the SS; it was so nice to receive the card. Thanks SS God Bless, Dorothy
13 years ago
Thank you to my NSSSF
Hello Cec, Thank you very much for your last NSSSF package - you have truly saved the best for last - it contained beautiful things! The package contained: Making Memories "celebrate" charmed plaques...
13 years ago
has anyone seen any good articles about how to organize their space. i'm currently sharing with the dining room, and find myself not using or remembering things i have because i can't get to them....
13 years ago 2
OT: e-mail issues
Can someone please tell me what it means when you get a message like this from your e-mail postmaster concerning an e-mail you sent and you have been notified that it is undeliverable? They say they...
13 years ago 4
i got one
i got a santa letter. i was so excited. it was a cute halloween card, then reminded me there were XX amount of days before christmas. i better get busy. we are going to my dad's (in Bend, Or) for...
13 years ago
Santa Letter
Does anyone have a letter that children write to santa and a letter to santa? Thank You HI. I write a letter on decorative christmas paper (archivally safe of course) and then just add a few lines of...
13 years ago 3
How do I join this group? Thank You Welcome to RCS L Schmidt. There is not really a joining requirement for a Usenet group....You just ask your scrapbooking-related questions here and I am sure...
13 years ago 8