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DD fundraiser
i know a few people were interested in syd's fundraiser. i was just letting everyone know orders are due tomorrow. M-C, i hope your feeling better. everyone have a great day. Anji
13 years ago
Cursive writing rapidly becoming passé
It never occured to me that there are people who don't know how to write in cursive or that our younger generation may have a hard time reading cursive. I read this article today and it is food for...
13 years ago 15
OT - Furbaby Prayers needed
My dearest PJ kitty (Princess Jasmine) has been ill....I've had her 12 years, but I want to keep her a few more. She and I have been through a lot together, and she is my first cat as an adult. I...
13 years ago 23
OT: back from surgery.
Went well. A little valium, some versed and a pain block. Am going to go rest. Just wanted to say hello. Will not be on much today! Hugs M-C - - - - - Visit the website: Looking to save or make money...
13 years ago 10
OT: Surgery is Tomorrow
I'll likely be offline for a bit. Knowing me, it will be for as short a time as is humanly possible! I'm almost, but not quite done with the list, but it will get out soon, promise. Life's just been a...
13 years ago 6
OT: Photo of my DD Wedding
I added a photo of my DD, granddughter and new SIL from their wedding this past Saturday to my webshots account. It is the last photo in 'Sarah' Album. Your daughter is very talented to have made her...
13 years ago 11
AD: 992 Rubber Stamp Stores now listed
Hi! I just finished the October update and there are now 992 rubber stamp stores listed (6 more stores since last month). Most of these stores also carry scrapbooking supplies. You can search by;...
13 years ago
ot: Canadian Thanksgiving!
Thanks for the thought! It was a quiet day with just our immediate family-parents and siblings all work shifts and couldn't come. Hubby prepared a LARGE turkey with all the fixins and pumpkin pie-my...
13 years ago
Secret Santa Call - HO! HO! HO!
HO! HO! HO! (Theresa, throw me that darn hat!!!) Let's all sing along..... Jolly old Secret Santa Claus Has put out the call today. "She" won't tell a single soul Who is going to play. Christmas Day...
13 years ago 7
A cat page
Hey all! I've been super busy at work, not much time to post, though I do still read posts on here frequently. I'm doing scrapbooking with the kids at work later this week, so I got inspired to do a...
13 years ago 16
ATC Swap Ideas (a website)
In mooching around the web I found this website I wanted to share. It has loads of ideas for our upcoming swap and others. I hope you enjoy it, Kate Wow Kate, Those really are "ART"... I love it, it's...
13 years ago 1
PING: Katrina/ATC Swap
Hi, Did you get my private email with the correct addy? I haven't received any info back about the ATC swap yet.. Thanks, Carolyne in TX I got it. Wasn't able to check messages yesterday. Katrina in...
13 years ago 1
Happy thanksgiving to our candian Friends!!
It's Thanksgiving in Canada, so to all of you in Canada, have a great turkey day!!! Thank you M-C. We had a great day. My parents and sister that live in the city and DH' parents and brother that live...
13 years ago 1
OT: A new addition
Congratulations to your sister! You have a new subject to photograph! :-) WOW 11 lbs ...natural or C-section> OUCH! my boys were 9.3 and 10 lbs even, and I had them natural. I cant imagine 11 lbs!...
13 years ago 6
AC Moore Moonlight Madness "sale"???
I went to the AC Moore Moonlight Madness sale and haven't quite figured out why they call it a special sale. I checked out and it came to $199 and when I looked at the receipt I didn't see the 25% off...
13 years ago 1