Fabric is Jammed

My Kenmore machine is about 12 years old. I haven't used it very much over the
past few years. I cleaned and oiled it and everything seemed fine. ( I also
changed the needle.)
Now when I start sewing - straight stitch -- after a few inches the needle
pushes the fabric into the bobbin opening. I cannot get the fabric to release
without pulling and pushing it out from under the plate. I put a hole in a new
pair of slacks I was hemming.
What's causing this and can I make necessary repairs or should I take it to
Sears repair station.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Seems to me if your needle pushes the fabric into the bobin's area, your needle isn't approriate for the kind of fabric you are trying to sew. Your post doesn't identify the fabric or the needle, but I'd look there before sending ithe machine in for repair, which will inevitably be costly.
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Try changing the needle. The one you are using may be too big, blunt, or just the wrong type. For fine knits, use a fine knit needle, for heavier ones, a slightly larger one, and for micrifibreas, a microtex needle. Jeans need jeans needles... And so on. If you aren't sure, tell us the fabric (weave/knit, Micrifibre/standard/, etc.) and we'll suggest a few types to try.
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Kate Dicey
Also if you're just doing a straight stitch, try switching to the straight-stitch only needle plate if you have one.
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On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 13:03:57 +0000 in alt.sewing, Kate Dicey was alleged to have written:
Also, check that the presser foot pressure is sufficient and that the foot is sitting flat on the plate..
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David Harmon
One more thing to add to Cea's excellent suggestions -- my 20-year old Kenmore was picky about wanting both the straight stitch plate and presser foot before sewing a straight seam.
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My Mom's old straight stitch Singer would do that once in awhile.......when I had the bobbin in backwards, upside down, or whatever.
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