Fitting problem

I have used McCall's Pattern No. 3668 - a princess-style top, with
Palmer/Pletch instructions for alterations. I did the alterations
just fine and the top fits ok, except for one thing: the princess
line over the bust, after the adjustment for a larger bust, has
narrowed the centre panels compared to the remainder of the front of
the garment. In other words, the princess line now comes down fine
over the bust but the centre panel is now out of alignment with the
side panel (the side panel has the enlargement section).
It is not a serious problem, and the top fits much better now. Is
there any way I can readjust to make the centre panel align better?
Thanks for any help out there.
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Not for this one, but for the future, try putting 2/3 of the adjustment on the side panels and add the rest to the front panel to balance up the look.
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