Using Bernina Sewing Machine in Europe

I will be living in Turkey for 6 months and will be taking my Bernina
sewing machine (from US). Can anyone tell me what kind/type of
transformer I will need to be able to use my machine in Turkey?
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This will tell you what the supply is: >
formatting link
should wait until you get there to see if you need one.
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Hi I just moved from the US to France last year and I wouldn't recommend using an American machine abroad, especially with computerized machines. I went to talk to my singer dealer and he showed me 3 machines that he had kept that had bit the dust, the problem is the hertz frequency the US is rated for i think 50 and basically the rest of the world is 60. Anyway you have to have a transformer and a converter.Even then from what i have read it stress the machine out , it causes a lag on the windings of the motor. sorry but i threw away the web link i had to the site i got all of this from. definitely check with the dealer, bonne chance! stephanee
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froggie lover
I assume you are going there for employment or military reasons. If so, ask your contacts or hosts about the possibility of buying a second hand machine from people who are rotating back to the USA, or on the local economy. PAT
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Pat in Virginia

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