Good news - again OT ;-)

Hello all,
things have improved so much that DD will be sent home tomorrow. Antibiotics
will have to continue, of course, but otherwise her blood test results from
yesterday are su much better that you can hardly believe it's the same kid.
Goes for looks, too. She's romping around in her little cot, nearly pulling
out the thing that's for giving her the medication intravenously. Only her
appetite isn't too good, she wants cake and banana all the time. I'm not
sure how far I may indulge this little quirk. Anyway, thanks for all your
kind thoughts, prayers and words. Gotta go, writing with this huge bandage
around my little finger is just so awkward and I have to get back to the
hospital before she awakes.
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Ursula Schrader
Ursala, Thanks for sharing the great news. I am very glad to know little Christine is okay, but there were some scary minutes, I know. BTDT.
I've found out over time, though, that children are, for the most part, resilient and usually bounce back rapidly with the right medicine and care.
-- Emily
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Emily Bengston
Bananas as often as she likes. Cake once a day. :)
The finger thing I know. It wasn't *quite* so severe when I stapled my thumb to a box, through both nail and bone...
My dad lost the tip off one finger TWICE in exactly the same way, several years apart: someone shut the nose cone of a Canbera PR9 on his hand! So I do deeply sympathise on that one too.
Hug Christine for me. They never mean to scare us this way.
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Dear Ursula,
Happiness abounds !! I'm so glad Christine is coming along so well. Bananas are great food and cake has lots of good things in it. Flour, eggs, milk and fat as well as sugar for some quick energy. Indulge her for a couple of days. When she's home and off antibiotics she'll get back to her regular diet quickly. Children rebound so much faster than adults and parents are always amazed by how quickly they come back. Thanks for the happy update. Juno
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Juno B

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