Sewing 1950s style

I'm having the best time sewing - I'm costuming for Dial M for Murder and
it's set in 1952. I found one gown in the costume room and took it apart
and put it back together in a 50s style for the dinner dress, and the other
items, I found patterns for and am making from scratch. They're simple, but
different and a bit different than what I usually sew. I'll get some
pictures eventually, but it is fun doing something out of my comfort zone
for now.
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I still have all my original patterns from the 50s, I was making all of my own clothes from age 13 on. The only pattern I'm missing is the one I used to make the dress I entered in the Singer Sewing Contest in 1955. I used a few of those patterns for various costumes for DDs' high school plays. ;-)
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BEI Design
Have you noticed many of the styles are returning today? The eldest DGD wore a dress to her graduation that was almost identical to a dress I wore to a party in 1951; hers was navy & mine was black.
-- Emily
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Emily Bengston
Emily Bengston wrote in news:C6EB61F5.7794%
They're in the Butterick and Vogue pattern books, as well as on display in a Simplicity thing at Hancock. I'm using a Butterick pattern for one of them.
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