Hunky Dory Laser Level

My husband borrowed my Black & Decker electric chalk line to hang some pictures, and in the process found a use for the spike on the magnetic base.
Halfway through the job he came into the sewing room and said "Your laser level is hunky dory!"
If I remember correctly, it cost about six dollars, and it's no bigger than my fist -- it takes up little room in the drawer of my treadle sewing machine. And I think it's still running on the original battery.
I learned that I need to put a target on the far side of the table, but still need to walk around the table to make sure the laser line is on the mark.
One needs to set the level on a book so that the light shines down on the fabric instead of being blocked by the slightest wrinkle.
But it's possible to mark a line that one can't see: if I watch the sparkles on my pen instead of looking at the line, I hit the line every single time.
It's much easier to draw dotted lines and connect them up with a ruler, if required, later.
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