Re: store bought sheets with SELVAGE?!

I am looking for a set of sheets with a selvedge edge, do you know which set it was?
I bought a set of sheets from Wamsutta for my twin-extra-long bed, and
> I was really annoyed to discover that the selvage is used as the edge
> on the sheets (lengthwise).
> I would never sew anything and leave the selvage on unfinished like
> that, but I don't know if this is a usual practice in sheet
> manufacturers.
> Before I call them up and yell at them and make a fool of myself, can
> anyone enlighten me? I just don't understand -- if they can make King
> and Queen sheets without the selvage when those are wider, why the
> heck did they leave it on for a TWIN?
> -=diana
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On Sat, 1 Jun 2019 04:14:49 -0700 (PDT), wrote:
I think I remember this thread from the first time around.
I have some king-size sheets with selvage edges. It's a tuck selvage, but you have to look pretty close to detect that, and it appears to be holding up as well as a real selvage. I got the muslin from Dharma
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It was fairly easy to tear off three yards and hem the ends.
Except that I ordered thirty-three yards, so moving the bolt was far from easy. And I didn't have any table as long as the fabric is wide.
The majority of it is still on the shelf -- but I know now to adjust my ironing board to the same height as the shelf, so getting the next two or three yards off should be less of a struggle. (Three yards for a sheet, two yards for pillowcases.)
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Joy Beeson
I prefer the selvedge sides. The sheets were straight and they did not curl.sheets made in the us had different looms. Looms for twin, double, etc , So sides were they are made out of the country on giant looms, then cut to size. Since sheet making left the US, I have not had a completely square one.vthe never fold nicely. I iron sheers. My sheets are all long chain ctton grown in California, shipped to Sri Lanka or somewhere, where the fabric is spun, sheets are made and shipped back to the US.
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