Is Euro Pro Sewing Mahchine a Good Sewing Machine ?

Europro is notorious for not having repair parts available. :-(
That said, what sort of things do you sew, and what do you want a new machine to do for you? I'm mostly a garment maker, so when I bought my last new machine, a Juki F600, I actually bought it based on the quality of the buttonholes it did without fuss. It's been a very good machine for me -- I really appreciate the precision stitching the box feed affords me.
One of the reasons that machine produces very good buttonholes is because of the design of the buttonhole foot: there is a clamping plate on the bottom that sandwiches your fabric between the foot and this plate, and allows buttonholes to be made easily in places that are otherwise difficult, like the neck button on a shirt. There are now other manufacturers with some variation on that clamping plate, usually called a stabilizer plate -- if you make a lot of buttonholes, I'd be looking for a machine that will take such a foot.
The other thing I'll caution you on: many of the new machines don't have adjustable presser foot pressure, something I consider non-negotiable.
If you haven't found the site, there are a lot of reviews of sewing machines there, some much more informative than others. But you may find it helpful. Right now, I think Juki and Janome are my pick for good machines at decent prices, but some of the new Singers, like the S18, are getting very good reports.
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Kay Lancaster
I have used my Euro Pro X for 20+ years. I love my machine. It is easy to use and does a great job on my quilting projects. I take the bobbin housing and feeder plate apart after each quilt is finished and blow all the lint out. I have it professionally serviced about every 3 years.
I am stumped by the negative comments.
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On Sun, 16 Feb 2020 17:38:37 -0800 (PST), wrote:
OK ... start by telling us where you have looked ..
.. it must be right there next to the machine ?
.. or next to your foot ?
Slowly expand the search area ..
If you find youself looking in the microwave oven or in the garden shed - your foot pedal is the least of your problems ...
John T.
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Not terrific, because they don't make repair parts available. The good news is you can likely pick up a generic pedal and cord set that will fit, e.g.:
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Your local sewing machine repair shop might even have one salvaged from a junk machine that will work.
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