Measuring for patterns

I had a discussion with a young seamtress about where to measure the
bust for the correct pattern size. I stated it is above the bust and
she said actual bustline. Which is the one used for patterns?
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Dear cmarchb,
To get a good fitting pattern, the above-bust measurement will come closer; however, it means that alterations will be necessary. The armscye and the shoulder width are the most important fitting areas. Once the pattern size is determined by fitting these areas, the bust can be easily altered.
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Vogue has a very complete "how to measure" page here:
formatting link
"Standard Body Measurement Chart". HTH,
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BEI Design
Patterns are sized for a B cup bust. If you are a B, then use the actual bust measurement. If not, use the high bust measurement and adjust the bustline up or down as required when you have a good fit for the torso.
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Soooo, what do you do when the measurement just above the bust is also just above the waist? ;-)
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I measure both. I also measure under the bust since large ribcages can make a big difference too. (like mine, DD's, etc.) I then work from whichever is largest to figure the pattern size. I can adjust DOWN easily with a fitting. Adjusting up, if there isn't enough room in there for the largest part, is quite a bit trickier.
That usually means I pick the pattern based on the bustline. Most of the time that is the largest of the measurements.
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