***Ping *** Sharon

Sharon, I've seen such awful pictures of the flooding in
your part of the world, and then tonight there was news of a
big chemical plant fire in AR. Check in and let us know
you're Ok, please?
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Thank you so much for thinking of me! We are all fine as can be. (I knew my ears were burning, now I know who it was. ;) )
We did get a LOT of rain last week. It started raining Monday night and didn't stop till Wednesday about mid-day. In that time, we got 7.23" of rain here in Springdale. The horse pasture behind us had water not only standing but Running across it. The neighbors put the horses in the barn Monday afternoon and didn't turn them out again till Thursday. Poor babies. But much better than risking them being out in that water. (It had all drained off into the creek by Thursday morning.) There were several streets here closed due to high water. But there were a lot more north of us and south of us. We sit right at the edge of the Ozark plateau and believe it or not, that really redirects a lot of the bad weather. Kind of like a big rock splitting a stream. I'm also very grateful that we live at the top of a hill!
The fire was in Booneville, AR. That's almost 2 hours south and slightly east of us. It's southeast of Ft. Smith. Was a horrible fire. I really feel for the folks in that town. The Cargill plant was the primary employer in the area. So a lot of the folks who had to evacuate not only had to clear out of their homes in a hurry, but are out of a job right now too. The good news was that, being Easter, they didn't have a full shift running at the plant. From what I've heard on the local news here, it sounds like they were doing maintenance/upgrades in the plant. That's how most of the poultry plants work, they will do that sort of thing when they aren't running a regular production shift. The biggest worry was an ammonia leak/explosion. They use ammonia as a refrigerant (again,that's pretty standard in the poultry industry.) Good news was that they did have a release, but they didn't have an explosion in any of the ammonia tanks. (so far as we know.) It looks to have been caused by a spark from some welding they were doing. (realizing that I know way too much about the poultry industry...could be something to do with DH working for another poultry company for 11+ years?? lol)
Thank you again for thinking of me. It was really ugly all around us for a while, but we are all just fine.
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