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I have been reading and seeing news about the nasty tornados
in Arkansas. It appears the path was a bit east of you, I
hope all is well.
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BEI Design
All is well here in my little corner of the world. :)
The tornadoes were all east and southeast of us. Around Little Rock, the damage looked to be pretty bad on our local news. I feel really horrible for the folks down there.
Thanks for checking up on me!
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Sharon Hays
How about all the rest of the folk in the mid-South? The storms seem to have cut a major swath of destruction clear across the country from Ark. right across upper Miss, through Kentucky and Tenn.
Check in, please, if you are safe.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Joan here in Nashville. LOTS of flooding in many areas, home destroyed or severally damaged along with many, many businesses, and several deaths. All I had was seepage in the basement but the sump pump took care of that. Downtown has tremendous damage and the river still hasn't crested. Corp of Engineers said this was a once in a thousand year occurence; wish it had waited another thousand years.
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