Remember The Bride's Maid's Jackets?

or whatever you want to call them. The one's the eldest daughter was
going to add to her bride's maid's dresses (to help hide the larger arms
on some of the girls).
Well, she bought the pattern and fabric and I told her would help (even
though I'm already doing all the silk flowers for the event). Last
weekend she told me that plans had changed. She found a fabric that
exactly matched the cumberbund on the dress and that is what she is
going with. Also, decided on a stole and has already had one made up
(looks good) and one of her sister-in-laws is helping her.
Just as well....since the flowers are something I can do in my spare
time. She did give me the fabric she had originally purchased for my
own use. I think I'll make a long tunic-vest to go over a deep purple
dress and wear it for the wedding. That way.....I'll match the bride's
bouquet. I used some of it as a backing for the bouquet. That way some
of the white flowers in the bouquet won't look too white against her
ivory dress.
Have I mentioned that this daughter just has a way of spending money and
more money?
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