ladies dress pants

Please help decide a discussion between my daughter and me. My training is that
ladies dress pants zip on the side or down the back. Her claim is that modern
styles include front zip with a fly styles for ladies dress pants.
This is not really a big deal. The daughter is old enough to make her own
choices. The whole reason this even came up is she is plotting her wardrobe for
being a public school teacher. She did not like my suggestion of combat gear.
Hey I trained to teach and found I could not face a public class room. Any way,
I do not enjoy installing front fly zippers in pants. The daughter claims she
will only where front fly zipper pants for work, any thing else is her causal
Personally, I think I will go ahead, be stubborn, and make her some back zip
dress pants complete with jackets. If she wears them only for causal, so be it.
Her loss, not mine. LOL
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Belinda Alene
The cats stay off the computer desk. It is the little boy who climbs up the chair to stand on the desk to grab the hidden keyboard and then starts typing. I love him dearly, but I am thinking about a lockable cupboard style desk.
I grew up hearing that having grandchildren was a person's best revenge on their own children. Very true, but less fun when the grandchild and child live with you.
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Belinda Alene
I adore my daughters and grandchildren, but I must confess that their living 10 miles from my own home contributes mightily to that emotion. :-}
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BEI Design
i love to install front zippers, but if she has a problem with reaching around, buy a zipper pull they are so comfortable to use... all ages.!!!
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