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Well, I haven't been kept away by such wonderful things as Kate has
encountered (free machines??!!?? Wow!), or any major health issues,
but I haven't been able to actually post anything in a bit.
See, next year is officially my LAST year as a member of MOPs (Mothers
of PreSchoolers) - after 10 years, I think it's time to move
on....unless I have another child, which is NOT going to happen! I'm
one of 2 people working with "creative activities" and so have been
spending most of my time working on finding crafts to fit all levels
of skill, and then finding and organizing the supplies we need for
each craft (we inherited a large tote from last year's creative
activities people and really, there was a lot of stuff that we tried
to use for this year, but most got put into a separate tote for the
children to use for their crafts), oh, and of course, making samples
of everything. I think we now have 6 different crafts ready to go,
with enough for 40 women to make them (we are hoping for greater
attendance, but 40 is what we ended this past year with).
In addition to that, I was just interviewed for one of the local
papers (!) and had a photo shoot yesterday. We have a local column
called "CheepSkates" where the offer and ask for frugal tips and
hints. SInce I've responded to the blog posts when there is a topic
that I actually know quite a bit about, the writer of the column
emailed to see if I wanted to be interviewed. So....interview was
Tuesday morning, and lasted about an hour. We covered everything from
how I cut my grocery bill in half, saving on clothing by making a lot
of what the children and I need, even saving money by having a garden
and cutting the boys' hair!! We had a great chat that was only
slightly interrupted by my ill daughter being a goof and teasing the
MUCH larger dog. Yesterday she called about the photo shoot - she
couldn't get ahold of the photographer, so wasn't sure if he wanted to
meet at the house or not and asked what I preferred. Well, since it
was supposed to rain all day yesterday, I went to the studio....loaded
with things for the photo shoot.
bring samples of clothing you have made for the
family, and what about some of the jewelry you make and the soaps and
stuff.....oh, but I'm thinking maybe a picture of you surrounded by
fabric with scissors and thread, looking like you are mending
something. with 3 garbage bags (used to cover the hanging
clothes) and 2 small totes, off I went. I took the Elizabethan court
gown and DDs civil war costume, 2 of DDs dresses and her dress coat,
plus a nightgown; 2 of DSs button up shirts (where he picked out the
fabrics), a pair of sweats and a pair of pajama pants; DHs first "LRV
Original" Hawai'ian shirt (still wearbale after 9 years!!); this
year's Easter dress, fake leather skirt, 2 blouses.....think that's
all the clothing.
I also took one of my fleece sleeping bags, some of the scarves that
I've made, a mess of patterns, fabric bits, shears, spools of thread,
box of bobbins, rotary cutter, quilting ruler, teacup pin cushion that
I made (MOPs sample), apron that I made for DD, quilt top of Mariner's
SO, after about 45-60 minutes, I was sweating, but laughing with the
photographer, who asked if I ever thought about doing clothing for re-
enactors and such. He took my card and said he may get in touch with
me (I told him that I am always willing to consider sewing projects,
but to be honest, I will only accept them if there is enough time to
do them properly - I don't want my name associated with inferior
HAve sent email to writer about photo shoot, and she may end up
wanting me back to do the one she had in mind...we shall see.
SO....that's what I've been addition to the regular day-to-
day stuff and trying out new items to sell...oh and trying to build my
wardrobe out a bit (have to get past the jeans and tshirts).
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Larisa, sounds very much like you are managed (just) to keep busy! ;-) Good luck with the article and photos in the local paper, may it bring you lots of customers.
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