Repairing denim tear

I've found a denim dress on eBay (link below) which has a tear in the
fabric, three inches from a side seam. I will deeply appreciate any
suggestions about repairing the tear to make it less noticeable. Thanks in
advance, and Happy New Year to all.
Betty in Georgia
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Betty Vereen Hill
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Either free motion darn or three step zig zag to close it up, if you use a close color thread it would be less noticeable, Also you might embroider or appliqué something over it.
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Ron Anderson
Look in a fabric store for an appliqué in a similar color to the existing trim and sew over the tear? Or, apply an iron on patch on the wrong side, and buy some embroidery thread and embroider a small design over the repair? Make it a "design feature". ;-)
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BEI Design
That is what I did with a casual chambray dress that I like a lot. I found a little iron-on patch that was very similar to the embroidery on the yoke of the dress. It looks like it was planned to be there.
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