stressful checking in

so, I know that I mentioned that I was sewing things for entry into
the county fair (state fair isn't going ot happen this year). Well, I
thought that the day to take entries up was Thursday...nope, it's
Now, I really shouldn't be that stressed out, because all I really
need to do is press DDs dress and the skirt that I whipped up -
finished sewing the waistband down this morning while the children had
breakfast. However, I'm at a loss!! I have things all mis-scheduled
and I have to try and figure out what I did and then correct it. I
also have to get it through my children's thick skulls that they can
NOT act like fools tomorrow when I take my entries up.
Next, I am waiting to hear back about a potential customer who wants a
slipcover made, with contrast piping. I had made cushion covers for
him before, but the dog shredded them - dark colored dog, light
colored couch. I was completely honest with him and told him that it
would be cheaper for him to just purchase the ones that he wants
because, now that he's changed what he wants, it will take a bit
longer, plus the fabric and piping would have ot be ordered, then you
have to total the time, fabric costs, time to take accurate
measurements of the couch, etc. Yes, the money would be nice, no the
time it would take away from other things that are getting piled up is
not something I look forward to. So, I'm just waiting to hear back
from him as to what he wants to do.
I'm also trying to get the kiddos calmed down, Bek is scared that she
won't know where the bathroom is when she starts at the "big kid
school" and even though I've told her over and over again that there
is one in her classroom AND one right outside the classroom, she's
still freaking out. Which leads right into the next thing - school
fees have to be paid starting the 7th, and we want ot get there in the
earlier part of the payments dates so that we can see Tom's classroom
and maybe meet his teacher and drop off his contribution to the
classroom supplies (tissues and plastic bags).
Sew....I'm sewing under a lot of pressure and that means making some
silly mistakes. However, I think I was able to fix most of the recent
goofs....maybe when the children are actually IN school, I can sew at
a normal pace.
Larisa, who will post pics of the state fair entries after the fair
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breath deeeeeeply ,,, you will be ok !!! the things are sewn , just calmly work and it will be OK . Best of luck with kid`s new classes as well mirjam
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Fair entries turned in this morning, minus the skirt and adult top...skirt wasn't my best and just didn't get to the top. Oh well. I will be heading up after dinner to see what things did what and find out where they stash the things that didn't place to see if I can pick them up tonight or wait until the end of the fair and gather everything at once.
I have a client who has changed his mind twice about what he wants, so last night I sent an email telling him that he really needed to sit down and think about what he wanted. DId he want to change the color of the furniture with a fitted slipcover with contrast piping, or did he just want washable cushion covers to protect the cushions - in the same color that he already has.
Originally he said he wanted cushion covers, then when I emailed him a bunch of links to choose fabric from, he came back with something from Pottery Barn!! Yes, I'd love the money, just not the time that it would take and I don't want to have to go and measure everything myself since i odn't know where he lives and wouldn't be comfortable going by myself.
Anyway, I may just send him to the upholstery place down the road. This not not something that I'm an expert at, and they are. it's time to start steaming through the clothing that I need to make for the children - school starts in 14 days!! Then on to more work for the craft fair in November. If this one goes well, I will do the one in November and will start listing things online...not ready for my own website yet, but will give Etsy a try for a few months.
SO...that's where things are today. With any luck, there will be some pretty ribbons attached to some of my things tonight and I will make sure to get pictures...I'm planning on using pics of my entries to make up a flyer about my business to see if that gets more money rolling in.
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Well, I went to the Fair by myself tonight to check the status of my entries, and here's how it breaks down:
Apron: 1st place Adult dress: 2nd place Child's dress: 2nd place Adult jacket: 2nd place Child's play set: 1st place Child's top: 1st place Adult vest: 1st place Quilted wallhanging: 1st place
Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about this, and you have to admit, it can't hurt my sewing business to have ribbon winner, right? I know I seem rather laid back, but I did my freaking out when I saw the entries. Later this week, the whole family will be heading up so that the children can ride rides and I can get better pictures of them - tonight I only had my cell phone to take pictures with and I am clueless as to how to get them onto my computer...will try to dig out the book later on tonight.
However, most of the entries can be found at:
formatting link
is 2nd pic in the top row, playset is the last picture in the3rd row, dress is third picture in the 4th row, child's top is theAsian print one - 2nd picture in the 5th row, wallhanging is 2ndpicture in the 6th row, and the apron is the 3rd picture in the 6throw. I don't have a picture of the vest or the child's dress on thecomputer, but I will be uploading the ones I take when we go back tothe fair later this week, so I will update once again. Larisa, off ot plan for next year!!
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Wow, that is totally awsome. Well done and congradulations, Larissa!!!
On Tue, 5 Aug 2008 16:55:51 -0700 (PDT), "off kilter quilter
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ladies !!! We don`t have this kinds of fairs with prizes , it all look a bit Cindarella stuff to me Thus i imagine you both with Specail made silk long gowns , [ comfortable glass like] shoes !!! and a Crown and all those prizes ,,,, nice image ,,, the Car is powered by sewing machines !!!!! mirjam couldn`t resist this image !!!!hahahhah
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Fantastic! I'm constantly amazed at all you manage to sew on top of being a mom, renovating your house, etc. You get First Place in my book! :-)
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