Scarves at your side !!!!

Many books give ideas , what to do with scarves , i have owned a book
that told you , how you can fold scarves into many kinds of head
covers, neck embelishments etc,,,[hallo who leant it and forgot to
return it?]
Than i have in at least 2 books , ideas how to sew shirts , in various
patterns with only 2 headscarves [prefferable 2 alike] , when my
daughter was in her teens i made her some summer `2 headscarves`
shirts. i even have a book that tells you somewhere inside it how to
make a Bikini from scarves ,,,
Than i have patterns for skirts [ one can be turned into a Coulote]
from a certain number of headscarves ,,,,
last not least , i have turned headscarves into little bags, cushions,
pockets on a monochromatic =boring shirt ,, a tiny curtain ,,,Doll
clothes !!!! etc...
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I have an Ondori book with little bags, dark pattern on the bottom, light on top. "Useful Patchwork Gifts" ...
Round or pentagonal bottom, drawstring around the top.
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I'd like another "easy projects" booklet with Japanese inspiration. Not that I have any good excuse for wanting it.
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May be , you could have your own `Japnese style` ideas ? or in the Mood of the Olymphics ??? some chinesse style ? i am sure that after watching the opening ceremony , we all will be richer iwith ideas !!!! regarding colors and forms !!!! mirjam
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