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Attention Kate:
It is time once again to make the usual hurricane preps. This year, for
the first time, we are planning on evacuating rather than riding it out.
The levees still are nowhere near rebuilt, the city utilities are
still distinctly fragile, and dh is retired, so there is no longer any
requirement to stay at his desk until the last possible minute. This
means that instead of stocking up on supplies, cooking and baking two
weeks worth of food etc. we are planning to leave ahead of the crowd if
a major storm enters the Gulf. So, we all know you take a machine with
you whenever you go away, but I would appreciate details of precisely
what else you put in the car along with it. For instance, how many and
what kind of scissors, rulers, pins etc.? What else is vital and what
is superfluous on a weekend trip? (Most evacuations are for about three
days, unless the hurricane actually hits as Katrina did). Remember, in
the car as well as clothes we will also be carrying important papers,
quite possibly old family photos etc.
A detailed list of essentials would be appreciated.
Olwyn Mary in (vulnerable, fragile, but still fighting back) New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
Dear Olwyn Mary, When I take my machine to Cape Cod I fill a large tote with a magnetic pin holder, my best cutting scissors, an 18 inch quilting ruler, a small cutting mat,my 45 cm rotary cutter, enough fabric for a small project, (This would be a good time to try to a Lazy Girl purse) so what ever is needed to make it).Thread a couple of extra bobbins and of course my little machine tool kit, and my machine manual. Don't forget a couple of towels if you need to cut vibration from the machine. I try to keep my tote bag close to ready for traveling so that if a little extra space is available in the car I can fill it with my supplies. Hope that helps, Juno
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Your very BEST dressmaking sheers, a decent box of NEW pins and one of hand sewing needles, the best bits of fabric you have (chooese three!) and matching thread, buttons, zips, etc, and some suitable interfacing. Also, choose a couple or three nice patterns that suit the fabric. If quilting, your favourite current project and everything you need to finish it! Include your largest cutting mat and favourite rotary cutter and a 24.5" X 6.5" ruler: you want the biggest! You can cut little things with a big ruler, but not the other way about!
Don't forget cleaning stuff for the sewing machine (brush, oil, etc.) and a few spare bobbins!
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Thank you all. Suggestions duly printed out and will be pinned on the bulletin board in the studio next time I go upstairs.
As we usually get three or four days notice that a potential hurricane is in the Gulf, and as in future I shall not be doing all the advance shopping, baking and etc., it seems to me that I could perhaps get a few garments cut out, then packed up in zipper bags with all the notions etc, and just take along those bags, plus, of course, the machine and all the other odds and ends.
Whenever I leave the house for more than just grocery shopping (i.e. committee meeting, doctor/dentist appointment, airport, etc.)my knitting bag goes in the car automatically, and if I am going to be away overnight the embroidery basket goes too, so I don't see that it would be very hard just to add a sewing tote bag to the collection.
Let's just hope I don't need any of these preps this year, New Orleans is REALLY not ready for another hurricane, or even a major Tropical Storm.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
I sent a thankyou message in yesterday, but it hasn't shown up yet. Oh well, if it doesn't appear by tomorrow I'll copy it. In the meantime, thanks everyone.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans
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Olwyn Mary
Dear Olwyn Mary, I second your hope not to have to face another hurricane ever again. It's not what you need. As for being prepared that's always the best move. You can just assemble your things as part of a getting ready to go anyplace bag. Then if a great weekend trip comes up your ready to go and have something to do during a downtime. Juno
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It seems you will be in good shape to travel if necessary, which everyone prays that another storm will come nowhere near New Orleans this year or in the future. Emily
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