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I just wanted to ask how overlocking thread performs if used in a
regular sewing machine for straight, zigzag stitch etc. Google gets me
nowhere on this. I might end up having to try it, but you folks would
hopefully already know.
thanks, NT
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I've never had a problem using 120's poly or polycore serger/overlocker thread in regular sewing machines. Just use a decent quality thread. I use Empress Mills most of the time.
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I was about to warn you that serger thread - if you're talking about plain old Maxi-Lock cones - wouldn't be very strong. In a spirit of fair play, I went over to the serger to see how hard it would be to break a thread. To my surprise, it was quite hard to snap in two. The next question would be how much lint/fuzz it would throw into your sewing machine. The SMs here don't much like getting boggled with thread lint. You'll want to stitch a while with the overlock thread you have and see if there's a problem. Polly
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Polly Esther
I've used serger cones many times for my sewing machine(s). I do not, however, use it for piecing or quilting. I prefer cotton for that.
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Alice in PA
OK in a pinch, but I wouldn't do it on a regular basis. If you look at the "raise the needles" photos in this series:
formatting link
black thread in the needle and the blue thread you see stuck behind the the needle are Gutermann Mara 100, decent but not wonderful sewing machinethread. The neon green stuff in the bobbin (chosen to make it easierto spot in the photos) is Maxilock, a common serger thread. Kay
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Kay Lancaster
I used to know a man who was disabled and on a very limited income. He did have a P.O.E.M. embroidery machine that he used and stretched to every conceivable trick. He didn't usually have the money to buy top-line thread, so he used whatever he could get his hands on, including serger thread. His work was still beautiful.
Have you ever wondered what our ancestresses did before they could run into JoAnn's or Hancock's to pick up thread? I think they spun their own, and I'll bet the quality varied, even with the same spinner. We all have good days and not-so-good days.
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What kind of cotton thread do you use? I haven't found anything but 100/6 crochet cotton that was strong enough for seams.
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Joy Beeson
I've used it for years with no problems, but I must say all my threads are what I consider the best: Maxi-Lock(USA). Other countries may have different names for their best brands.
I used to put the cone in a plastic jar behind the machine for ease in threading, but a few yeas ago, I got a stand for it, which is a real gem. Emily
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E Bengston

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