Vogue 8096 Men's shirt

Anyone have any experience with this pattern? After years of using an
adapted Butterick 3217 pattern (which is in hiding under the rubble of
my belongings), I've decided to take the plunge and try a new pattern.
It says easy, but looks again like I'll need to drop the shoulders (yes,
I know, horrors, but I like that look as it accentuates my shoulders
even more), possibly add a 1/2" to the neck size. The first one will be
sacrificial. Got some white seersucker today that I'm going to try.
WHY is it so hard to find seersucker that doesn't look like:
a) its Easter,
b) I'm saving myself,
c) I never cuss,
d) I'm going straight to heaven, maybe even before I die,
e) I never pass gas.
Is it just that the colors reflect the season it tends to be worn in?
I think the pure white can avoid all of the above, to a degree.
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Good for you. :) I haven't used that one. DH's 20 YO shirt was made on a Burda pattern (which I still have), and the one I made the other week for young James (14 and a half collar) is done with an annoying Kwick Sew pattern: has quarter inch seam allowances, which are no use for felled seams! But it worked fairly well.*
Some of those can be pretty ikky... Like a mix of sludge green, khaki and pink I saw recently!
Might look a tad virginal... ;)
*Might be a good pattern for those who like slimmer fit shirts as this one isn't exactly roomy round the bottom
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Probably, and probably because that's just the type of fabric it is -- sort of ruffly...
I think I still have some aqua-and-white stripe/plaid/something seersucker that someone gave me that I am never going to use. If you want, I could look it up and see if I still have it and how many yards, and if you wanted it, you could have it.
If you want something a little less ethereal, try madras plaids.
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Thanks Melinda. I've seen material similiar to that, and it doesn't work on me, but I appreciate the offer anyway.
I've got some Indian plaid, and I'm concerned that it might turn into Bleeding Madras. Its pretty dark though, so I probably won't be that discernable.
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Overlock or zig-zag the ends -- or baste them together in a french seam, if a machine isn't convenient -- and wash the fabric the same way you plan to wash the shirt. Then you'll know whether or not it bleeds before you invest any work in it.
Joy Beeson
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Joy Beeson

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