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Stash enhancement
OK, so I have always said I didn't want a stash, other than leftovers and things I am getting ready to make up. However, what with the local "fabric stores" carrying less and less fabric, and it being...
11 years ago 9
update dress slacks
Hi, I have serval pairs of drees slack that I would like to update, i.e. remove the pleats in front, lower the waist. Anyone have suggestion the best route to take to bring these slacks into fashion....
11 years ago 6
how to change brass to antique finish help
I need to replace a zipper in a jacket and have been searching for a zipper. The jacket is a dark red and the zipper teeth are metal in an antique brass finish. The zipper pull is also the dark...
11 years ago 8
I am interested in making handwarmers for my "barn mates"...something to reheat our hands after doing barn work in cold weather. I am making the kind that are square or rectangular and are filled with...
11 years ago 9
singer touch and sew 626
------------------------------------- Marion My sister has a touch and sew 626. The needle will not move and we feel that there is thread in the bobbin case causing this. While trying to check this...
11 years ago 4
Cap and Bells!
One jingly parcel on its way, containing Elf hat with large red bell, Jester Hat with small gold bells, belt with wooden buckle, and bag for juggling clubs! I wonder what the parcel xray people...
11 years ago 2
Kapok in San Francisco Bay Area?
Anyone know where I can buy some bulk kapok in the San Francisco Bay Area? I'm trying to make a large meditation cushion. any maybe some buckwheat hulls? Dear Doofy, I don't know if kapok is still...
11 years ago 10
Kenmore 385 16622 threading
I have a Kenmore serger 385 16622, the #1 thread keeps breaking. I have re-threaded, have threaded different ways, followed the manual and am ready to throw my serger through a window! I have adjusted...
11 years ago 7
Anyone has a Singer 6235 'Serenade 30'?
Hi there! I am fairly new to the world of sewing, only started when my mother in law passed me her old Singer 99K that sadly had a pedal control failure - haven't told mother in law yet! Instead of...
11 years ago 17
altering pants
hi i need help badly!!! a sweet lady would like me to make the waist of some levis bigger so she can enjoy the buffets in vegas....she gave me some pieces of strechy ribbing like
11 years ago 3
New free Christmas designs!
New free Christmas designs! Please look Christmas Hearts and free download from
11 years ago
what i've been up to
Hey All, DD is in a play at school. I got volunteered to do costumes. lol Was a lot of fun. The kids did most of the design, I just refined what they laid out. Then I started in on the construction....
11 years ago 11
Newbie just bought a singer 514 Help!
Hi there, I've been thinking of buying a machine for ages, but I am so far from the Martha Stewart Genre that I am very intimidated with technology... After researching fancy new machines with...
11 years ago 35
Pfaff 130 motor
I am the proud owner of my Grandmothers Pfaff 130 sewing machine. This machine was her workhorse. My mistake was in shipping it to Florida from Illinois. The electrical cord sheathing has fallen off...
11 years ago 3
------------------------------------- Hi there Just would like to know if anyone could tell me the best lining to use inside a silk satin dress (lightweight). I don't want there to be any static- Any...
11 years ago 1