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share buy wedding dresses experiences
if you are Looking for Your Favorite Wedding Dresses and don't know to where? i recommend this wedding dresses online store. share buy Favorite wedding dress experiences i bought wedding dresses from...
11 years ago 34
Quilt with swarovski crystall
Look this quilt "Legends of south seas". Using Swarovsky Crystall, Over 200 crystalls
11 years ago
Fitted Sheets
I have a mattress that is about 10 inches thick and have problems finding sheets to fit and what I do find is quite expensive. Has anyone make sheets like this? My bed is a queen size. Brenda An...
11 years ago 26
Lining Silk
Hi, I'm new to this group and a new sewer. Can someone tell me whether I can line a Silk robe with flannel? Thanks! ------------------------------------- Karen A. Gregory...
11 years ago 1
Lining a bodice/pinafore
Hi, I have just recently started sewing again and I am making some children's pinafore dresses. I want to line the bodice which is no problem. However, on all the patterns that I am using, the...
11 years ago 4
vinyl cushion sewing and zipper question
I am making a vinyl cushion (of sorts) that is 18" x 14" x 5.5" I plan to install a zipper to remove/install the foam and i have some questions regarding zipper install. Is the zipper install the same...
11 years ago 2
What do numbers above the numbers mean ?
The numbers on the perimeter of the patterns often have numbers "above" them; what do those additional numbers mean ? -------------------------------------...
11 years ago
OT: Happy Thanksgiving
Hello group, From all of us at the Fiber Arts & Animals Festival and Queso Cabeza Farm in Olivet, Michigan, we hope you and your family have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Regards, Rick Boesen Olivet,...
11 years ago 7
New Free machine embroidery design "Christmas Curl"
Hello New Free machine embroidery design "Christmas Curl" on formats available.We wait for photos of your works.Have question? Have problem? Need different format?Please command
11 years ago
How to repair your sewing machine in 5 easy steps
"You'd be AMAZED at how often sewing machines arrive at the sewing shop when basic things were not done properly! Wrong or blunt needle, incorrect threading or lack of oil to name a few. By following...
11 years ago 4
Elna SU 62C
Hi folks. I'm new to this group - it seems like a good & active place ( unlike so much of usenet, these days ) I found an Elna SU 62C at a Thrift Shop and after a quick review of the booklets - and a...
11 years ago 2
Beginner's tips
Good idea Joy! The things I wish I'd known sooner...... Buy some wash away wonder tape. Make sure it has that exact name, it's sold by Dritz. It's a double sided tape that dissolves in water. Perfect...
11 years ago 15
thermal fabric weave help
hello, I have a thermal fabric shirt ( at least i think it is considered thermal fabric ) that is not like any thermal weave i have found online. I want to find the name and/or a source for this...
11 years ago 23
OT: kitty update
Thank you everyone who has been worried about my poor kitty. I am very happy to report that Miss Tickles is doing 100% better after 3 days of thyroid meds. She is Not Amused with having to take a pill...
11 years ago 4
Free embroidery "Funny Cat 3" for all
Hi We public new FREE machine embroidery "Funny Cat 3" for download, All embroidery regards. Igor Denisov
11 years ago